Thursday, August 9, 2007


hey guys...its been awhile...lolx.. i wonder if anyone ever comes here anymore...its ok i suppose...i havent been here myself too..

times passes so quickly nowadays...i remember it being january and now it almost halfway through time flies...and yet i wonder wat i have truly done this year...i have had my ups and downs... more downs than ups..but nonetheless i cherish all the ups that i have will not be overshadowed by sadness and hurt i have experienced in the past..


is it the hardest word to say? i suppose its only hard when u dont really mean it..if you dont believe forgive..that is the hardest does it feel when u have truly forgiven someone who has hurt you..disappointed you..

hahas...i suppose when ppl come here..they feel depressed..i hope that not how hey would feel..but it is a place i say wat i feel...and when i let it out..i let it guys don feel depressed.. feel enlightened :P

life is beautiful...cherish it with all ur heart.. whenever i feel down and sad.. i try to look deeper into things and there are really alot of things i will be thankful for...i love my days :)

will update some piccys soon.. wait i not so lazy 1st :P

*loves* muackssss

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