Saturday, August 18, 2007


life is so contridicting... or should i say ppl are...we say one thing and though it seems like we mean it.. its rarely the only applies if we are not the person affected..when it does happen to us..we beat ourselves up and so the same advice tat we gave comes back to us..lolzz..isnt life ironic?

why do we depend so much on wat other think abt us? abt how ppl view us?when im dissapointed its normally how i see myself and not because of wat other ppl think of me...why should words of a perfect stranger bring us down? it nvr should...if the ppl around you.. ur frens, ur loved ones thinks the world of u.. tats all that matters to me.. even if they dont..always trust urself... it doesnt matter wat i think...its wat ur heart tells wat if u fail..pick urself up, dust urself off and start all over again...

u might say.. yea we work for recognition, we present ourselves to be accepted, we mould ourselves into something other than ourselves to adapt with the majority.. is that how it works now?

life will nvr be wat u want it to will nvr be a perfect world..u can complain, whine, shout will not change the way it works..fate is always in your own hands..

i have never given up on anyone see the positive side of someone..and though they might have their flaws..who heart is open to the beautiful side of that person..

" is never what it seems.."

until my next post..lotsa of luv and hugss^^ muacksssss

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