Friday, August 17, 2007


ima bored... its almost 2am and here i am sitting here wide awake and bored senseless... all of a sudden feel like there's not much i can do...tonite is the 1st nite in a long long long time i did not play a single game in audi...a miracle!! wanted to test wat other things could possibly occupy my time and make me busy.. apparently not much :(

im wide awake..maybe coz i fell asleep for 1/2 hr after staring at comp for abt 2 hrs...

hehe..stopped blogging for 1/2hr..had the sudden urge to spam forums...juz randoms forums :P ..trying to get piccys up.. but tat might not happen tonite..still trying to understand my updated tis hr brain a bit slow..

its 2.30 now.. and its raining..going to love the smell of rain in the morning..will be wishing i was still sleeping..but its a FRIDAY! wootsss..brb.. *continues spamming*

3am...body tells me im tired, worn out, brain says dont sleep, heart says ure many contridictions in me...

work today was tiring..again :( feel like my boss a bit bian tai.. always when almost time to go home nia wan meeting le -.-! then talk talk no ending de..btw today also got..end up finish at 6.30..rawrss!! the oni good thing tat came out was he gonna get 19inch screens for our team (officially called UK team :P) hope tats something tat will happen.. coz he quite niao de >.>

gah..wanted to put photos no ideas le..sadded...ohmigosh brain starting to die on me also>< ... I WANNA CHANGE MY HANDPHONE =x totally irrelevant i know..but juz saw mine and tot of it :P:P

okok sleep time..tomolo be the undead again ;) walk around aimlessly..lmaozzz

huggzzz, lovess and muakssssssssss^^

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