Monday, May 28, 2007

I am..? am i..? maybe i am....

These past few days..i have been aimlessly direction..

Im lost...

Im starting to close myself up to the world..maybe i have given up hope..promises that will never be kept..not by me..not by one is hurting and yet i smile to the world..cheer those who needs the daugther and sister that im needed to be..

I am an empty shell of wat i was before..i hate it, hate myself for feeling like this..trying to so badly to be happy again..maybe im expecting too much in that so wrong? to expect something for oneself..or we shdnt be so selfish..i nvr tot i was..

Trust..such a powerful word..trusting someone with ur life, money ..ur heart..given to the person who u know will treasure it and nvr misuse it..betrayal has been a common thing in my life..but i still trust in ppl..i will not let one bad apple ruin the whole basket..

Wats today blog abt u ask? do u feel depressed reading it? i have no idea..juz a place to spill my tots and release wateva that has been inside of me so i can move on wit my life..ramblings of a lost soul u might call it..

Lolz~ as i sit here listening to Brandy's "Have you ever"..the words suddenly makes sense to me..will i ever feel the same..i have, i think..i have..

"..there is fate..but it only takes you so far..once ure there..its all up to you.."

My dearest frens..even if u feel unloved and alone..nvr feel tat way..for i am always here..will always be in your hearts..and always remembered..

<33's and kisses from me to you..

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