Thursday, May 10, 2007

TaDaiMa Pt 2? O.o

Im back...again? MIA again?? huhu..haizz..

Din mean to disappear for so long but was nvr in a good enuf mood to blog..always felt moody and angry..maybe im losing it..i think i am...frankly been getting pissed off so easily..angry at alot of things..myself and ppl.. (sorry for those who was at receiving end of my wrath..esp hun >< sorry luh)

The world can be a cruel place..whr ppl are judged by the 1st not the world..ppl can be cruel..why do we live in a society who has double standards on ppl? yes we may say..screw the ppl who does tat..but sincerely arent we all judged that way first? i always believed in looking at the person inside..who they are..but i suppose tats the fool i am..i trust too much and put myself as unworthy of being cared for :( wat a fool...

A fren of mine used to say.."what ur heart desires the most is the one thing u will nvr get" .. i used to tell him "you will get everything u desire the most if u put ur heart to it.." im starting to believe wat he said...

Its raining again...been raining alot.. a sad person might say..that the world is crying wit them.. but i suppose another way of saying it would be..maybe the world is washing away ur hurt and pain and when the sun comes out it will be a new day and a new still waiting for the rain to stop..

Perhaps im feeling lost..ive lost my way in the quest of looking for myself and my tunnel seems dark again...someone said to me that they felt invisible to the world..tat no one knows they answer to that person is... we are all living our own lives..even though there are ppl around us..we are actually alone in our journey..nobody can walk it for us...only with us..loneliness is a state of mind...we need to speak up if we felt abandoned or left one will ever know wat we think or wat the heart feels...if they choose to stop and wait for u then treasure them with all your heart..but if they walk further away then let them go.. emo level so high today..but no goes on..sad or happy..maybe i shd be more moody and whine more..then i can be a grunge song writer :P:P...kakaka..

Dedicating today's post to that person who feels lonely and invisible.."even if u feel that the world has forgotten abt u..there's still a fool who's ur fren and always been beside u.. i might understand wat ur thinking but ive walked tat road too at times..the rain will go away.." lolz

<333 and kisses~ muacksss...

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