Sunday, April 29, 2007

TaDaiMa~ Pt.1

Huhu^^ ima back...for those who did not notice tat i was even gone >_>...i have been busy moving hse for the past 2 weeks...but it was until last week tat we really got busy and started to move all the big stuff...wat do i have to say abt all the moving? 1 word - TIRING!!!...i know i said tis the last time, but ima gonna stay here forever and ever and ever >.<...i have bruises and scratches and blue black spots all over me..oh gosh..i juz spotted another is actually the official day we finish moving..WHOOOOPP!!! =DDD

Juz got my net connection back 2 days ago..went to cc for a couple of days..but was so laggy =.=!!and the thing is i went to cancel my old line and register for a new one, they told me tat they will oni install the new line in abt 3 to 7 days time (!!!!??!?!?!?) ..and so i patiently waited (NOT!!!) and when it did family decided not to tell me and i went to cc to play abit..RAWR RAWR RAWR!! the end they were dropping clues and suddenly it hit me..WE GOT INTERNET!!! no wonder they ask me do tis and tat la..nehneh..they were afraid i would be stuck in front of pc again..wont laaaa...(=P=P)...and we even upgraded the speed (now it goes WHOOOOSSHH~...lololol)

Think i shall post photos of my new place..but now still so tired..old hse one full of stuff >_>... well besides all the grumbling and complaining i really love my new was actually in the area where my grandparents to live..where my mum brought us after the yea, a lot of good memories here XD.. funny how things work..after so long and moving all over the place..we end up in the place tat we 1st started out^^...

I actually had a lot of things to say de..but suddenly writers block pula..zhu la..bleh~ HOHO!! my mind really blank le T_T!...simi la...tats why i put Part 1..hurhur XD...tomolo then continue can? must break up a bit..if not later u all say long post again >.<..

tomolo lo guys..<333 u all...muacksss ( be continued =P...)

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