Monday, April 16, 2007

Argghhh x.X

Bleh~ ima tired, sleepy, my body is aching and did i mention im tired? The reason u ask? Sigh...we're moving house x.x... how i always shiver when i hear those head hurts juz by typing it..

U cant possibly imagine the amount of stuff we have in the house..i cannot understand how we seem to accumulate so much junk and its growing!!! OMG ITS ALIVE!!!!! X.x....Since my sis and mum are starting their business soon, they rented a double storey hse and the grd floor will be the workplace..the place so darn the toilets also make me faint le..then they decided to hire professional cleaners..cant imagine how we gonna keep tat place clean..

Im excited..its a new environment..quite cool actually..juz the moving part..scared to think we're driving back and forth taking the small things first and i dont even think we're like a 1/5 through...zzzzzzz....will probably be moving in by next week..and i might not be around for a few days..until the internet line is set up..gahh no internet T__T....

Arrr...not much to update brain not working whole carry stuff nia..back pain, arm pain..pain pain x.x...oh btw...ytds post, for u guys who didnt get it..its actually my own compo.. and not some story i found in the net de(=.=!)... its actually story >.<... juz felt i needed to talk abt it..sorry if u guys found it a wee bit depressing =/....

Well until my next post...<3333.. muacksssssss^^

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