Saturday, April 7, 2007


Hurhur..probably shouldnt be blogging now..too tired x_x...i think i might go blind before the month is over..always staring at the comp for 8 am to energy to audi eyes keep drying dead...

Well my mum and sis are gonna start their own company wit my uncle as the financial supporter.. and they ask me to help them out..not yet decided..the things is there are pros and cons to the thing.. i mean family business wor..of coz good la...then there the fact tat its "family business" and wit the emotional levels of the ppl in my family..i a bit scared to be the in between person..later cold war again how, how, how??? T_T..

Lucky i don have work tomolo (YAY!!!).. plan to do a lot of things..want to go out(by myself =p=p), see a movie (hmm? shd i shd i?) and buy some stuff lo...we'll see wat time i wake up tomolo..suppose to go out wit an ex colleague tomolo morning, he's been bugging for ages(dotness..=.=)..see how lo...lalalala~

I juz realised tat i can dissapear from the face of the earth quite easily, i mean i nvr keep in touch wit ex co-workers.. they always say like i juz went poof..i feel tat its quite true to a certain point..sometimes the past is best left in the past..but friends? i try...i really so good at running away from things(tats another story..x_x).. am i a bad person? sigh..i suppose i am..

"...there is some self interest behind every friendship..there's no friendship witout self interests..tis is the bitter truth.."

U think tats true? tat ppl are frens coz of self interests and not other things?... well if im frens with ppl coz i want to be loved and love others in return..then i suppose its true then..i am

So many things i wan do..things tat i used to do...dunno wat has changed to make me forget all the things i enjoy doing the most..i shall promise myself tat i will try to bring some light and fun into my life again..1st thing i wan to do..grab a couple of out to my special place and see the night sky and welcome the dawn^^.. lame as u might think tat makes me feel relaxed and reassures me tat there is bigger world out there..

Ok..better stop here for today..if not a lot of stuff will start coming out..and i wouldnt even remember wat i said..hahaha =x...gonna watch ghost rider on dvd and fall asleep in the 1st half hour LOL!...until again.. muackssssssssssssssssss^^

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