Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm back^^...

Well been away most of the time these 2 sleeping fiesta has been delayed from day to day.. until today..finally i get to sleep in..really been feeling a bit blue..dunno y..dun ask..missing a lot of ppl..u guys know who u are..

Went to the movies with Mr.Blur on friday..actually was dreaming of my bed the whole day..came back early..was watching some replays, then the sms came.."hey wanna watch movie tonite?".. i was like a number of sms'es(was already on the bed)..couldnt fall asleep le T_T..and since he suggested Mr Bean, been meaning to watch it..decided to go..halfway there it started to rain...heavily =.= (shd have stayed in bed) the end, guess wat..Mr Bean sold out..RAWR..ended up watching the lamest movie ever...(Warning: DUN EVER WATCH HAUNTED FOREST!!!) shd get the award for the lamest movie of the year..loitered ard the arcades while waiting for the movie(it was an hr later) walk ard.. found no place to sit coz it was still raining and the mall was already closed.. so ended sitting on the staircase.. i dunno abt u guys but i havent chit chatted in staircases since i was in secondary school k..anyway chatted a bit and went for the movie.. NOW...briefly abt the movie...

Starring Ekin Cheng and Shu Qi: Shu Qi(SQ) plays a cop investigating a murder case and Ekin Cheng(EC) is a botanist..cut a long lame story short..EC can talk to trees (???!!??!) juz gets lamer and lamer..i was like falling asleep..and the Grand turns out the forest isnt filled wit ghosts of ppl who killed themselves there..its ALIENS (LAMEEEEEE), they are doing research on humans..or wateva la...OMFG..i switched off my brain at tis ended..YAY!!!

The last movie i watched also was a lame movie..Epic Movie..and guess wit who?..Mr Blur more time must make sure got the movie i wan to watch then oni can..nehneh sia..Well went to car park to get car..and our fren here forget whr he kept his ticket..i shd have spent abt 15mins looking for was in his wallet all the time =.=...reached home at abt sweet, he followed my car (huhu) and sms'ed to make sure im safe at home..but pls har.. no more lame movies...

Saturday morning.. boring.. seriously dreaming of my bed le..had to wash my face like xN times..lucky half day nia..had to fetch my sis from work..went to get lunch..and some grocery shopping (bed bed bed bed @_@).. reached home..mum says..later we have to go Cheng Beng( all souls day) ar.. dun forget... HUH??!?!?!?!.. no offense.. i really want to go pray at my grandparents grave..but but but...sigh...slept for abt 45 mins..was shouted at to wake up..drove for abt 1hr...prayed.. reached home at abt 9.30pm...soooooo tiredddd...had dinner.. and went audi lo.. 2 days le nvr play..oh.. my siblings and i had games galore ytd.. my sis on ps2 (playing her tomb raider), bro on xbox (some zombie game) and me on pc (audi lo)..but all so tired.. couldnt last..3.30am all pengzz le.. slept until 12 today lo..

Not really sure wat to do for the rest of the audi? we'll see ba..

"...nvr say goodbye..i feel a sense of lost when u utter those words..juz say goodnite..cya tomolo..."

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