Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The weekends have come and gone...not much was done...but nonetheless..was a good weekend^^.. had my most needed rest and also went out wit my sis (something i have not done in awhile ><..soryy sis)..even mum says ive become a hermit..=.=! Hmm.. cant really say much abt these 2 days..most of the times..i was either in bed or audi (bed more =P)..oooo.. almost forgot.. i got my new set le..<3333 and i change my skin color.. huhu.. ima paler=p...gonna take some ss soon^^

Was playing really sucky most of the time...maybe juz too tired and my eyes seems to dry up more often x.x...woke up late on sun...almost 1 le..played abit of audi..help bassy npc a bit( he wanted to get his uni) and went out (wooott!).. went to Popular Book store, apparently they were havin a clearance sale.. books books.. used to read a lot last time..my sis was like "oh no, now we won see u le..its either audi or my nose stuck in the books.." =x=x

Got a cpl of nice books..wont last me long though..i read very fast de.. and then it was off to Pisa for the Pc Fair.. wanted to chk out new speakers^^.. i really bth mine le...no sound one side.. so put loud.. suddenly both sides got sound O_O!!! deaf le... blind and deaf =.= .. cwap>.<... well michy and babe ask me to look at altec lansing brand de.. so was looking out for it.. SUDDENLY!!! i heard ZAZAZA!!! Koyote Sparks =.= and guess from whr.... the altec lansing speakers booth =.= .... seemed like the devil telling me "see how nice ur audi songs will be if u get those speakers..." no choice le...had to get it lurh...its a sign k >.<....

Drove, drove, drove.. my legs felt disconnected from my body.. so jam >.<.. reach home already 8.30 le...reach home nia went into audi le..then follo mich they all to compy... and i got sucked in =.= .. nuuuuu i din wan to play.. too tired le.. but got to 2nd rd.. so nice..almost got through lo...kekeke... so proud of myself...and a lot of pro in the room lo.. got 4th not bad le la..prac more^^.... then the gang ended up looking at npc costumes.. mei and mich got theirs le (Narisa and Nicole) and i was undecided.. wanted to get shurin but so exp @_@ (bo lui la)..

Michy suggested dens one..so it was either seneka or sally..choose sally in the end..but i look really brite >.< (nvm blind everyone and i win muahahahaaha =x=x) Michy helped me npc to get my pants..<3333 thxxx lao shu~ she helped when i was at work T_T

When everyone left, i stayed on and looked for new moves..found some really sexy ones^^...in the end slept at abt 3 am...and had to wake up at b4 7am...deaded x.x).. sian day at work again.. its getting boring.. sigh.. and rejoiced when it was time to go home (not a good sign?)

I got some new stories but now lazy to type le...wan go read my books=p..tomolo ba^^..

Yerr 1am liao...need to sleep le...tomolo zombie again...

"...if u want something badly, let it go..if it comes back to you then its urs forever..if it doesnt then its never going to be.."

Hehehe..niteee peeps..sweet dreams.. muackssssss^^

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