Thursday, March 29, 2007


Waaa..really long day le much things to do one >.<.. but at least got 1hr lunch today.. other days oni 1/2 hr can slack slightly longer...then suddenly after lunch got training =.=
... dunno train wat lo.. prod codes or something like tat la..bleh.. went in..trainer kept saying short one lasted for 3 hrs (gahhhh!!).. my fren beside me kept dozing off..lucky i wasnt the time we came out..time to clock out work nvr finish T_T..tomolo more le...
And another thing, i finally passed my license!!! wooooot...ima backup =p...but noobie backup loo.. if u had seen me take my license, i think u will get heart attack sia..coz i almost did >_> ... here's the short breakdown:

Last 1 min: left 8 perfs (hmm..shd be can kua..but i also blurring a bit..and my last try, if cannot then sleep din put hope)
Last 10 secs: left 1 perf!!! (omgomgomg)
Last 3 secs: left 300 exp (gahhhhh!! last move.. dun miss dun miss ><)

Waaa really heart attack le...but i still pass happy^^...HAHAHAHA...=x

Oh yea, another cool news..tis juz in nia...i got my 1st mil today =p...Freestyle Y, got x11 lo.. 1st time i chain tat high... really nice to perf for me sia.. but hor, i using my stiffy acc..den the girl in the room.. say i bian tai =.= , chain so much...blehhhhh..nvm de..still happy luuuu...kakakaaka...
they lose to stiffy sia...hurhur...ima noobieeee... cannot say a lot...brain falling asleep le..zzZZZzzzZZ...muackiesssssssssssss^^

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