Thursday, March 22, 2007


I had actually had a lot to say abt today but suddenly my brain lag like my comp >_>...
Well slept at 3am last nite, woke up at 6.40am (not even 4hrs!!) coz someone hor so long nvr play then come in last last last game (u know hu u are la hor..fai =P)..made me and mei wait for him for so long while he go jio chicks =.= . . mei and i had a perf compy ytd nite and we kept repeating the papaya fun sia..
Tot i would fall asleep at work today coz lack of sleep and was even thinking to myself "I dun think i can last till 5.30pm!!). Suprisingly a lot of work today and before i knew it 5.30 le... So happy!! But look at excel spreadsheet until my eyes like anoili le..hurhur.. and no time to daydream today =P...lucky >.<
Came back home and str8 fell asleep until abt 9.. raining these few days..i actually love the rain but oni if im at home and not trying to drive legs tired le horr...step, release, step release..clutch, brake, oil =.= ...
Been a bit down also these few days.. headache come and goes and heartaches coming and going.. I always hope tat everyone will be happy then i will be happy..Im sorry if i seem to wan to keep myself lately..but not on purpose le..juz really tired and sick >.< ... Jus remember tat i will always be a fren....Pls dun aim ur anger at me..juz share wit me and ill be here to oni sorry again if ive hurt u..didnt mean to..
Hmm..nothing lo say least my tats wat my brain sure still got..maybe write in down next time luu..
Last but not the least GRATTTTZZZZ baby and mei for levelling today!!!! Muakssssssss...

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