Monday, March 26, 2007

Laggy laggy meee >.<

Huhu... been meaning to blog these past 2 days but everytime i open it up, my brain goes poof and its blank again..other times my comp is so slow tat before the pages come up, i fall asleep le >_> .... im SERIOUS!! i really do fall asleep...dunno la my line very bad these past week..ive given up on all hope tat it will i told mei the other day, if u look up the dictionary and find "lag", there u will find anoili...sigh... oh well...its either tat or my brain which is constantly lagging.. well found a poem during one of my aimless browsing of the net.. the rest were quite tacky but tis was..i found "deep" bleh~
A Friend Most True by Wendy Hinsson
I need to know if you’re my true friend,will you be by my side until the end?
Can I tell you my secrets deep,and trust them in your heart you’ll keep?
We are neither of us without our flaws,can you accept mine as I will yours?
I’ll be a shoulder to cry on when you’re blue,will you be there for me when I need you?
No matter how busy I will make time for you,if you are busy will you make time for me too?
I will take your hand and comfort your tears,will you hold me and soothe my fears?
I will give you joy and many warm smiles,can we share that even across many miles?
I will not forget what’s important to you,will you remember what’s important to me too?
With you my most favourite things I’ll share,If only I know do you truly care?
If you can accept me as I do you,then I will know you are a friend most true.
Well..?? too bad if u dint like it..muahahahaha..erh hmm.. sorry for being lame..
Been really tired these few days.. and my eyes have recently gone quite blurry..guess have been looking at the excel spreadsheets too much..its actually reddish now >.< ... recently been getting bored and restless easily.. guess i want to do more things in my life. see more stuff and not live tis monotonous life.. go work, come home, sleep....if oni i can leave everything behind(which is something tat will nvr happen) many "if only's..." ... shd write down a list though..if one day tat day does come..i wont leave anything behind..hurhur..LIVE LIFE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMMORROW!!! getting hyped up >.<
Wanted to see a movie ytd, but my mum ask me to fetch sis from work so tat was tat..i wan go kai kai!!! and today woke up at above 12 and went into audi at abt 2? played until 6pm and went to sleep x_x until abt 8.30 (huhu).. went back in to audi (i know i need to say) and help babe level..again!! (pump pump) Btw gratzzzzz babe for making 30, jyjy wor =p....
Played a few games (was actually watching tv most of the time) and came out at 12.30.. boohoo my weekends have come and fast.. tomolo work again @_@... oh my tian!!! is it tat late le... nuuuuuu T_T....well at least i have enuf rest..hurhur... brain has juz lagged on me again..probably because its already 2am and way past my bedtime.. oh yeah..had a really weird dream last nite...will tell u all tomolo =p=p.... *runsssssss*
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