Friday, May 18, 2007

TaDaiMa Pt.3??? LMAO... blogs..veli slow hor..sorry laaa..writers block luh >_>...

Lets see wats new..


okok don be shocked k (i was too lo :P)..hun loves to shock ppl wit his spontaneity...lols..all he said was "lets get some stones to put beside our names"..i was like huh??!? wat stones?? :P:P.. too bad i suck at cpl mode..kept missing (>.< sorry babee) long time nvr play the middle of the thing i got so nervous i couldnt even press T__T.. boo to me..too many ppl and i was scared to let them down...I DONT PLAY WELL UNDER PRESSURE ><.. lalalala~ giving myself excuses..hehe^^

ooo..waitin for ppl to come..mostly play members^^ thx guys for coming XDD..xiao mei (xiao xing was like OMG wait for me..lols) too last minute le..lots of ppl not on..T_T

Me veli veli bad..T_T cannot me..poor hun..

WOOOTZ pass le =DDD.. hug hug..lmao^^

In our wedding suit.. see the bling bling by my name name?^^

Wedding Cert^^ lmao

Back to rl...

After avoiding it for 2 months..finally i have succumbed to it..MY OFFICE UNI ><.. haizzz.. its was a bit discreet, i wouldnt mind..the thing is now i look like a darn HONG BAO k???? so freakin red >_>...been giving excuse for not wearing.. in the end, im out of not joking, i really look like a Hong Bao packet..T__T..

Been really tired and working like crazy..time is like nvr enuff..non stop working from 8.20 to 5.30 and still not enuff..staying after work for these past week..reaching home almost 8pm..eyes tired, back pain, and sick of the not to mention my fingers has actually protested and not listening to my brain my audi playin is really starin at the arrows as they pass by..keke..

Oh..went out with collegues too for farewell dinners (hmmm..doesnt sound good does it?), other than that..nothing much..ima boring person..o? i choose to be tat way? blek~

One thing tat is making me happy as i write tis is tat i do not have to wake up at 7am..IM SOOO HAPPPYYYYYYYYYY..2 days gonna, gonna, gonna SLEEPPPP..YAY!!! PREEEEEEET!!

Okie..sleeping timeee..<33 muackss..and thanks again babe..muaks:P