Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Mental note to myself : Shall not start posts with "juz realised i haven been bloggin for awhile.." in order to avoid ppl who realises alot to realise that i realised i haven been bloggin..@_@.. in other words.. no more i juz realised..check!

Hurhur=x.. for those who know me will surely know that i have been missin for the past week (hmm 2 weeks now..since i wrote tis and din post it=x)well where have i been? ermmm...been loitering ard? okok.. been playin highstreet5 - malaysian server..lolzz..the reason? well ive been audi'ing for so long and ppl i know have come and gone..and yet im still ard..its gotten a bit lonely ><... and u guys have always said play new game la, don be an audi freak..well im following ur advice lo..haha..

Been quite addicted to it actually..most probably becoz it has quite nice graphics and different songs! movement wise some quite cool also..and its quite an interactive game as in ppl actually get to talk to each other face to face..lolzz..i knw its lame but sometimes standin in circles in room verli boring one u know...:P

Actually started with sg server..but stopped..felt the game was too weird..maybe coz ive been audi'ing too long..then malaysian server came and well decided to try again (btw babe i blame u for pulling me in =x bleh~ excuses)

Ah well..all is fine with my time..taking it off the real world..after a hard's day work..its fun to sit brainlessly in front of the comp and be a zombie...hmmmm...tis reminds me when i first started audi'ing..well actually it doesnt.. i wasnt half as bad when i first only started to get over the top when i juz resigned from my ex co and was lookin for a job..tat time..walao..since vara kept forcing me to get to amateur..i pia'ed in tat 11/2 months and leveled like crazy..hiong ar =x... was playin for almost 20hrs per day..slept cpl of hrs and then wake up and sit in front of comp again..ahhh.. those were the days when madness was me..hahaha..blek

Shall post some pics when im done editing (god knows how many times ive said tat -.- so don say i keep sayin tat..) i will larrrrrrr=x

lotsa luv..hugss and muackss from me :)

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