Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2oo8~~!!!

Wootz its a New Year~!!!

How time flies.. new year...new beginning xD..i realise that i havent blogged in almost 2 months..well~ wat happened u ask? tats between me,myself and i^^..no seriously.. in these cpl of months i have learned so much abt ppl..the ppl i thought i knew, abt love..relationships and how fragile they are..one minute everything is wonderful the next..well..

Enuf abt tat..its all in the past..and one thing is for sure..i have become a different person..and have learned to look at things at a different perspective..and i know no matter how bad it was at the time..how hurt a person can be..time always heals xD...believe me..it does..it will always be a part of u.. a memory..so i rather keep the wonderful memories i have accumulated and move on..keke^^

Oh well..its a NEW YEAR!!! Time to rejoice and hope that tis year will be better and chiong arhh!!! LMAO! Hopefully resolutions will be kept tis year :P..I WILL SURVIVE!! LOL =x bleah~

Wats new? Job stil sucks -.-" these past 2 weeks have been worse..my partner in crime has been on leave and i have been covering her work for her..on top on tat my own tasks..walao dam tired can? Ive suddenly become extremely noobish in audi..cant seem to play more than 4 games and then fall asleep at the kb ><" i hate audi *&)#&^#&*!()%$) =xx..jk la :P:P.. In the midst of lookin for a new job..until then i will have no choice but to endure T_T.. wish me luck!

My new year was spent at home..i actually woke up at 3pm =x..brain fried..and tomolo work again!! i have such a boring life..lol..actually frens ask me out on new year eve but i was too dam lazy to drive out hahaha><..so cant blame anyone for my lack of activity in life..bah bah~

Am going out soon..promise will start bloggin again le..promise xD..if there's is anyone there is still readin tis..haha..anyway i read for my own pleasure..to look back and think of how i silly i use to be^^

HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN!! May this year be a better, more fruitful year for everyone~!

Muacksssss <33

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