Friday, March 14, 2008

-aNo- <3's

Only one word to describe me now...TIRED x.X....and yet out of pure insanity..instead of sleeping im bloggin -.-" actually watching Martha Stewart show and typing tis in the dark..(dont understand why mum wans to kill my eyesight><)

Getting slightly irritated by the typos im making coz of the lack of light..and might end tis post here n now! lolzzzz...bleh bleh.. Anything new? Hmm...will be moving hse (YES AGAIN><) soon...trouble is still no place to move deaded T_T...and the tot of moving again....arghhhhh! nowadays i look ard my hse and ask my mum "Hmm tis one u stil want meh? =x" indirectly making her think its useless stuff and throws it away (fingers crossed) or else ima in deep shyt..donwan to think abt tat rite now...lazyyyyyyyyy

Still playin HS5...becoming power crazy day by day :P.. hey its a way to past time...come home dead tired from work...switch on com and continue the brain deadin...juz play n play n play n play n play n play till u cant play no more..lolzzz.. my lvl at the moment? juz turned sweet 42 tonite^^ lolz my ano (hs char) lvl is higher than my anoili d>< wat..bite me..lalala

~ me wif babe :) will post more soon..hopefully do a video..but needs experimentation lolz :P

Have tot alot these past few days...alot depression at work is affecting my personal life alot..i seem to angry more often and over the stupidest things..i blast and then only think...then regret tat i did it..not to say all of it is my fault lolzzz...but mostly ><.. thanks for still bein ard despite all my tantrums..u knw who u are xD...huggies and muackss for u..keke..i will be there for you 2..always..i promise..

ALSO!! Ive decided tat i wan to be more spontaneous...if i were to die tomorrow..i donwan to regret not experiencing life...slurps :P will keep u posted on my escapades..hurhur ;)

I WAN TO CUT MY HAIR!!! i bth d...grrr...its gettin on my nerves..hmmm.maybe tats why im so emo LOL! zhu -.-" Wah 1am again...omg my eyes really bloodshot d...need to sleep d la><

Before tat...i wish to say tis...

My dear...
Dont cry, dont lose hope..
Be the person u were, confident, proud and strong..
Stand up again and i will be be at ur back..pushing u on..
Though u may feel lost and broken...
This is not the end..
Trust in urself as much as i trust in u...
If u ever need someone..u knw whr to find me :)

Ok die..almost 2 dy..sleeep sleep..baibaibai

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