Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hmmmm.. 2 weeks since my last post:P...not bad la huh..not my fault i dont blog k..ima very busy gal..lots of things to do de..wahahaha..not really la..juz nothing to blog abt nia =x sigh boring me....

Wats new in my life currently? ermm..nothing? except for the fact tat im pissed at work >.> but then tats old news...updated news would be tat i will be handing in my resignation next week..i cant take it anymore..i suppose after one year of "give it a chance" ill have to let it go and trust im makin the rite decision..pray for me peeps><

Other than tat...Ima back in audi!! lolzzz..for now i think..kakakaka..current craze wif me n babe? updating our wedding rings :P...i wan tat ring babe!!! uwaaa T_T...don care don care =x *sniffs*

After almost 3 months of MIA..coming back to audi was..erm..weird for me..lolz...alot of new ppl and some old frens :)...reminded me of the time when i started playin..but audi is seriously more stressful than hs5..i have no idea why..somehow i cant slack when im in audi>< i cant take the pressure!!


Why am i here tonite instead of audi? Coz ima all alone and no one else i knw is on..well actually there is bt i lazy to find them=x...they only play npc line so lag will hai them de...*blame blame* and babe gt no elec at home :( so kenot pei me T_T...was ready to chiong tonite de after a long nice nap in the so alert and nothing to do...siannnnn..maybe i shd install audi in my lappy and chiong...hmmmmmmmmmm....

Story mode is saddening for me...only 5% completed and after the "bug fixing" patch in audi few days back, we cant seem to play it anymore..ironic huh? well wats new..the main purpose of audi's patch is to get rid of old bugs and then implement new ones to make our life more interesting..haha..true rite?

And so life goes on n on n on....time keeps moving faster and faster..i cant believe tat its already April..well soon anyway...mum wants me to go back to studying and get my degree..something which i had to forgo last time..even though i had a scholarship to continue tat time...there was juz to many personal problems which made me have to carry nt sure wat i want to take up now..but i think it wont be in Penang..we'll juz see how it goes^^...

Ok im getting bored..back to audi i suppose..or or? Wont say will post soon now..will say "will post when i think i have things to post abt" :P uwek..


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