Saturday, April 5, 2008

Slurpzz :P

First and foremost....


Loving ur throbbing gold bo? ^^ ehehhe...ok now my turn babe..get for me =x.. jokin lar...i only want until blue nia..don think i can go through epi 40 - 60 again...uwek><.. As for the rings.. well..tis is wat we've gone through:P

2nd ring - gold gold de^^

3rd ring - yeng sia^^

And now to the 4th..LOL! =x i wan ar!! blek..

Weekends pass so fast leh...blink and its already Sun evening>< Monday blueeeesss.... if only i no need to go work tomoro lol=x Don get it..even with 2 days off..i feel more tired than on a normal working day..hmmmm...Wat did i do? Alot of brainless activities..mindless playin, mindless watching of tv, mindless conversations wif family, i cant remember wat i did frankly...juz play n play n play n sleep..jajajaja..n then?

Life is so full of ups and downs isnt it? And yet my life has more downs than ups..cant help feeling lonely at times..even when i knw when everyone is actually alone in this world..Jus tat it would be nice to share ur problems wif...oh well..and so life goes on...

Tis post has actually taken me 2hrs to do..and yet it seems like i havent written much..lolz..all i knw is tomoro there's work! Nuuuuu TT...i better go sleep le then..hope tomoro goes by fast..hehehe...Nites peepss^^

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