Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Bye bye Tuesday....Hello Wednesday..

How time flies..its already the middle of the week and it seems that life is passing me by..day by day..funny how i cant even remember wat i have been doing for the past 2 days..lolzz..all i can really seem to remember is work, work and more work ><

In summary? Life sucks =x

It does really..im nt trying to be emo is me or anythin like tat..but its true leh...everytime u think something is going ur way..life has a way of messing it up..i used to think..hmm..maybe its me..maybe its my bad luck..i try to keep a positive view on life..but it manages to disappoints me in the end..maybe im expecting to much? i could u know..but then im only human..who doesnt expect the most from life? Doinks..

Today at work..a collegue of mine..well actually she had quite a sad childhood..nt to say she was an orphan but it felt it like when she spoke abt her family..She had a big family..the old fashion kind of big family where all the extended families lives in this big old hse..and there was always fighting and well to cut it short..life was not really fun for her..The reason she was hired to my company was becoz they were goin to send her to work in the UK...it was wat she wanted..to explore the outside world..so many obstacles she had to go through to see this happen..and it was finally happening...she was due to leave tis weekend...

We asked her over coffee today...how was her preparation..was she ready...all those stuff..and she seemed so excited..happy to start anew..even her parents..the same parents who had made her childhood so unhappy..had made her happy again..they went shoppin for stuff and had a decent conversation..after all tis time..i was happy for her..but..this is where life comes in...she received a call right after our coffee break..her father had been in an accident..and was actually in ICU..he had serious head injury and was in coma..we didnt know hw to react..there was sudden silence among the group of us..wat do u say? wat can u say? silence...

So her trip had to be postponed and she rushed to see her dad..and wat is to be concluded from all of tis? U make ur own decision..was it fated? or was it life messing wif us? Earlier converstions of how happy she was and tat her parents seemed happy for her replayed..times like tis reminds us hw fragile life really is...hw one happy moment can change juz like tat..

Oh well..who are we to complain? We are only living on borrowed time..arent we?

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