Monday, March 10, 2008

Just a post...

...for the sake of posting..lolzz..don be lame lar zzz..

And so..why the emotional outbursts recently? Im not quite sure..been falling in and out of depression faster than u can change out of ur underwear -.-" wahaha =x.
Seriously though..maybe its the stress at work..since i started work self confidence was almost taken away by the power crazy bosses at work..luckily i have managed salvage the remaining pieces of wats left...or maybe its jz me losing my mind..

Ive become extremely sensitive to my surroundings..the slightest thing could tick me off..saddening indeed..and as much as i try to stop my sudden outbursts..its getting the best of me..I feel disappointed with the ppl ard me...ppl i call frens..i find myself sayin sorry for alot of things which are not my fault to begin with..if only ppl could understand wat im feeling..but im expecting too much..maybe coz i listen i expect ppl to do the same...tis is not the 1st time ive said it..but time n time again i try to put it at the back of my mind...trying my best to overlook it..

u might think..there she goes with her emo ramblings again..but if only ppl would care abt my emo ramblings there would not be so much to begin with..i need to feel needed and not as a last minute replacement for someone else who could not make it..someone else who too busy to entertain therefore i was the only alternative left..i might seem carefree but i am human and i have feelings..

and my only source of pouring out my problems seems to be here....i donwan to bore ppl with my sadness nor do i want ppl to sympathise with me...i juz need to feel cared abt...and not juz after reading tis post do u all feel the need to care for me...if tats is how u feel..then dont..

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