Thursday, December 16, 2010

..and then came Thursday

Well well, looks who's decided to come back to blogger? Moi of coz lol :p I figure after a week of delaying the inevitable, i shd just get it over with it....updating my blog i mean ;) Not to mention the constant reminders that i have NOT been updating...pfffts, i just aint got no motivation darlings D:

Ima try anyway... So lets see what my current world has been revolving ard (other than my pc and chair - as commented by mum >_>) ...

Well for one, i finally completed my Elementary Jp as of ytd and had a fml moment when the sensei gave a test for it. Hmmmm.. alot of kanjis which im thinking i might actually die horribly in that section but shd be able to make up for it in the other sections....i hope x.x

SO! Will begin my journey as an intermediate jp language student as of next month...yay me! As for now, im yay-ing the fact that i have 2 weeks off from classes.. YAY! :X Im so gonna enjoy xmas this year.. heee :D

Yes it IS a good thing, considering tht i have work on this coming Saturday, sad but kinda true ~_~ its times like this i really wish Xmas would come soooon else i shall drag my lifeless body to work every single day till that day finally arrives :(

Well peeps, this post might be shorter than anticipated coz im suddenly blank with no pics to help my poor soul >_> Fyi, its also been 2 days since i started and im still not done T_T Maybe i shd quit blogging alltogether *cries* - note the futile attempt in prolonging this post by my sad whining? lol D:

Shall make this my very short post coz ive been bugged to post since, well, forever? Even tho this is gonna be an incomplete post *cringes* i guess it will do, for now :D

Ok, moving on to my next saved draft! :x

P.s. Please applause or maybe gimme a standing ovation coz it was really sweat and tears that came with this post....LOL! Pffts ._.

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