Thursday, December 9, 2010


Me thinks me wanna try this out someday :D


Totally random i know...but was feeling abit on the adventurous side... :S Actually saw it on tv during lunch and just felt like trying it lmao. Saw it a few times on tv le, and was always curious...tho i cant remember which country has it dy... Maybe ill puke my guts out on the way down x.x Hmmm, maybe ill shd try bungee jumping instead... which also also result in the puking of me guts >_> Finee!

One more day to the weekends! Jyjyjy me to make it in one piece so i can actually enjoy it D:

Note to all: Any phone calls to jio me out will only result in my nt answering yr calls. LOL :X Jk la...u knw i lub you guys ;)

Oh ya, ytd after JP class, me, sis and another friend were the last to leave and my sensei suddenly said to me.."Mag san, ur always so happy, i can always hear ur laughter in class" ..i went "uhh? is that bad? x.x" .... He said "No, its very good" ... Heee :DDD or is he saying im very luan in class ah? T_T

Happy is good ma, right? ;)

Woots! I can actually pang kang dy! Hurhur, its been an exhaustingly long day and alot of orders coming in for Xmas and CNY... so gonna be abit busy ba :S But, ill survive!

Ok, me is gonna cabut cabut balik liao~ Matane!

P.s. Happy Birthday again baby! :3 Hope u have a great time tonite even if im nt there to celebrate with you :( Loves!!

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