Monday, December 6, 2010


Weeee!! Im finally free from exams!! *cheers cheers!* :DDDD

Finally got over my JLPT (Japanese Language Profiency Test) ytd heeee :p Even tho my weekend was spent working on Sat and reading till the wee hrs into Sun morning and then having the exams in the afternoon till abt 6....BUT! Im relieved its all finally over for now :D

No more exams till im fully charged again :p Then again, i kinda like taking exams :x It might have rubbed off on me, the close proximity of each friggin exams lol >_>

So how was it? Honestly? I think im doomed in the vocab part of it, part of the blame goes to the fact that i havent actually learnt kanji yet (the chinese looking type writing) which most Chinese ed students would nt have much problems with but i do =/ The other 2 parts of reading and listening i did pretty well ba, so im hoping the 1st part wont kill the other 2 :((

Must keep fingers....crossed!

Went home to mum's sullen face, coz b4 went to exam i couldnt find my test voucher and she was nagging me coz of the the last min things i always do..bla bla bla lol... i still managed to get in and do now didnt i? Worry wart! :p Im sure she'll be ok again soon lol...juz need me to poh loh sou abit jiu ok le ;)

Anyway, there u have it, my tiresome weekend which is now officially done for the mean time :D and im just waiting for this weekend to come soon so i can just rest! Heee! Shd i take leave? Hmmmmmmmm *grins* Nah, ima save it for Xmas~ Im awesome dO_Ob

One thing sad abt this week would be, i have to work on a public hols (which is tomoro btw) again =.=


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