Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update la...UPDATE~! =x

Finally...ima here to update on the measly happenings of my life...
To prove how measly it is?
OK! End of post =x
Anyway the only reason why im bloggin is coz i cant patch audi ._.
And now uncle alu is sending me the patch via msn =3
So while waiting decided i shd be guai and update on the current news of me^^
Hmm..wats the date today? 22nd! wah 11 days bo post le =x
Neways nothing much to talk abt also ba..
Work sucks..
Life sucks..
Pretty much alot of things suck..
The only thing that isnt suckin is me =x
Okok..shall try to be decent :S
Pretty much been audi'ing when i come hm...since my lappy is strong enuf nt to dc
and can play decent games...
Guess i juz need a place to hideaway from reality..and to laugh and forget my tiredness from work..
But these few days horrible till 3- 4 am kns..
Its coz i gonna lvl that why...after lvl lazy again=x
1 more lvl to King..hmm..
Has been demotivating more n more each day..
The saying that hard work pays off really does nt come to mind..AT ALL!
Im so unlucky im starting to get depressed...sigh :(
Been tryin to talk to my manager but i dono wat to say also...
Time to run n hide under a shell =x
Wat else...?
Oh...Chinese New Year is almost here =3
Another week off from work...time to sit and think of wat i shd do next..
Yeah rite =x
Ill be sleeping my hols away nia i think :p
And i havent even bought my bus tickets yet!
Wat else...? hmmm..
Bo life so empty de..sigh :(
Oh ya...lately have been acustomed to walking to the train station instead of taking one stop monorail..
Its quite...well..its good to breath FRESH AIR of KL after work hours..
With all the cars and carbon
(Pun intended ._.)
Not all is least i have time to calm down and think :)
To you..
Im like a can of plaster..something to mend the holes in ur wall of life with...
Once mended i am once again invisible and forgotten..

"Who shall be my sweet salvation to lift me out of my bitter damnation?"

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