Sunday, September 9, 2007

huhu..ima sick x.X

As per title..i am officially sick..tms..and juz as the weekends are here >.<.. started with a headache which progressed to cold and cough and now the worse part..fever -.-

Have tried resting as much as i can..dono how many trees i have sacrificed becoz of my cold..lolzz.. slept a bit in the afternoon and end up at nite cannot sleep'ed myself to sleep..ended up sleeping at 6.30am..if it wasnt coz i kept dc'ing i might still be up until now @_@..

Oh well, it a sunday le.. times goes on even when ure sick..and tomolo is a monday T_T..sighz..shd i take mc? :P... was my week? fast! time passes so fast!! rofl. oh my new phone le :P Nokia phone k..<3 it.. been dl its themes and, coolio~! hurhurXD.. will try to upload a pic soon^^

In middle of the week..a lot of tots came to mind..alot of things to say..was irritated with the ppl ard me..thinking how contraditory and how ironic life is..and yet i cannot change how they matter how they deny the fact that that is wat it is..therefore i am going to do an experiment..i will try to prove that wat i know is indeed the truth, even for much i hope it will not be proven, i am not doing this to debate wif them or in spite..but to prove to myself n others why i think this way..we will all know b4 the end of the year coz tats long it going to take..don worry..time passes so fast you wont even feel it :)

OK..its 1pm and im falling asleep >< really tired sia...gonna take a nap :P

<3333 muakss and hugss^^

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