Sunday, September 16, 2007

screwed up (*&(*$)_%+_^(*(&!&

I have recently realised that no matter wat you plan, wat you do, somehow someway it will always bite u in butt..lolz..

had a few bad days at work.. and one word sums it all make a long story short.. no matter wat i had done and said to avoid all of was still my fault..i suppose the oni reason why it was mine was because i newbie..someone easy to put the blame on..and wateva i had to do to defend myself did not matter anymore..i was sad and angry.. the main reason was because i felt i had done anything i could do and yet it was not enuf......

i confess that i dont like this job but i have always believed that these are the choices we make.. like it or not we have to live through it..and i had made mine knowing perfectly well the i had put in all my efforts and mind in to is only work.. but to me..i always believe in finishing wat i have started..and doing the best that i possibly was certainly a dissapointment..

many thoughts came to mind at the time...things i was gonna do which not have been any good for my health now...felt like it din matter anymore...yea..i know i too emo..luckily i din follow through wat i wanted to do..(thanks to ur sms and wat u said <3) 'n thanks to one who accompanied me tat nite...

i had time to think later..and tot it was silly of me to be angry at such stuff..tat's life...tats ppl..i now know i dont have to be upset of wat had happened coz i had done everything i could..and im proud of it..they will have to live with themselves for wat they did..and i pity them...wat they had done has made me lost respect for them and i always believe respect is something u earn..

so..ive put tat all behind me and carried on wif my work..and be happy abt it (still looking for new job though :P) wont pretend im not angry still..ima b1tch, bite me! lolzzz...

its been raining like crazy here..non stop rain...but its a nvm^^

taken outside my house..heavy ritee? yawn~ sleepy le.. lol!

not very clear lar.. but still heavy lorrr..rofl.. tat i have gotten this off my chest.. im gonna go watch my death note2 le...and find lunch..

lotsa lotsa luv and hugsss..muakssssssssssss^^

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