Saturday, September 29, 2007

memories.. :)

it is a saturday fast fast...

these past few days have been recalling a lot of the past...old memories of when i used to work in the music school..though it was long hours and hard work and lots and lots of travelling..i must admit, those were the happiest times in my life ever..

even though i was alone at times, it was my best company..i never felt lonely..seriously i nvr did :) ... learning the saxophone, the viola, violin, and at one point the french horn..lolzz..and so much more..learning how to handle the sound system for much i learnt..and the truth was always my dream to learn all that...

ever since i was a little girl..i remember my first singing competition, and my first public performance at a fren's uncle's wedding..lolz..i still remember the song i was a NKOTB song...rofl!

straight after form 5, when i started working and studying part time, i still had the desire to learn music..and so i went to this newly opened school and there i stayed for almost 8 years..a student and then an employee..hehe.. the background music playin now? it was a sampling done by a group frens and me years back when i was still very active in playing..guessed who played the sax here :P.. urs truly^^ nice was rendition of an old classical piece..sounds familiar? didnt know how similar it was to the original and that i even had this..lucky i had time to spring clean my stuff.. my frens were good! LOL! all my instrument are kept in the cabinet..need to start playing again liao:P...sheesh even the notes look alien to me >.>..need to find tat joy of playing again XDD

oh well..tats how am i gonna spend the remaining of my weekend? SLEEP!!! WAHAHAHAA=x=x

"..dont say u care only when u need me..."

Love, hugss and muacksssssss^^

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