Tuesday, September 18, 2007


26 days left...slowly counting down...

life has been pretty slow..work has been the same..was on sick leave ytd..something suddenly came up -.- don feel like talking abt it..don feel like talking abt anything actually..sighzz..

at times im amazed at myself,
the things tat i go through, the days i live,
i know that there are other ppl who are not as better off,
i am truly grateful for wat i have,
honestly i am..,
and yet a part of me,
yearns to see new things,
to break away from this ordinary life,
to breathe in new air,
to know new people,
to be alive again...
to feel really loved,
to be cared for, to be remembered in sad and happy times,
to be...
wishful thinking it may seems,
but not all hope is lost,
for i believe it will be mine some day....
until then,
i will keep waiting, and praying,
for the people i love to feel exactly the same way...
happy....no matter wat...

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