Sunday, September 23, 2007


2 days of pure zhu'ing =x...

i slept like there was no tomorrow k..but then at nite cannot sleep le..end up watching dvd after dvd to make myself sleepy.. at the 3 or 4th finally got me...but then at tat time it was already almost 6 am -.-"

Its been a nice weekend..quiet and relaxing..and uneventful..somehow i have a feeling it will not last :( .. as paranoid as i may gut feelings are normally quite accurate...hopefully its wrong this time...lolzz

omg? suddenly out of things to blog =x=x .. i blame the tv..its a distraction from my thoughts..pure and innocent thoughts :P wahahaha....okok i'll stop being lame..actually wanted to work on my blog this weekend..wanted to change the look abit..but as i said earlier.. too much zhu'ing >_<" oh well.. will work on it later when i come home..hehes.. going out to buy stuff in town.. YAY!

Suddenly realised that recently have been buying alot of orange coloured stuff..until a colleague of mine asked "is orange ur fav colour?" hmmmmm..actually its not lor..coincendence lar..juz so happen alot of stuff i got looks nice in orange...but then i do like brite colours..brightens up my life ;)

These past few days..have seen a lot of sad incidences..not to me.. but my heart goes out to goes to show how unpredictable life can the sweetest of memories can be gone in juz a second..tats why im learning to take a day at a time..learn to love each day as it much as i like to plan my wait..i don really plan :P...anyway be thankful for wat u have just might not be there tomorrow..

"..close your eyes and feel me hold you..can you lead me through this ordinary world...let the sky cry restless wash away the miles between us..till love can come redeem us..coz without you its just an ordinary world..."

~21 Days and counting^^~

Will post some pics again soon :P till then <33333 muackssss^^

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