Thursday, September 13, 2007



hehes..say tat all the time and yet sleep late =.=" slap me bo guai..rofl..actually been sick for the past week or so...cold cough bla bla..and my ashtma came back :( nvr told mum though.. scared she will worry.. and din wan to bother them also..i remember the problems i gave them the last time i had it..stupid me..keep getting sick ><..

oh well..feel im getting better though *fingers crossed* ...been rainin alot these past week too..especially the times when im suppose to go to work and leave for home..tms betul..know i cant see so well in rain le ma..^%&*^&)$!*% .. rain lar saturday n sunday!! zzz..

work has been busy work work..had an awful morning today..stupid manager..tell time donwan listen then happen le come scream at me..nehneh...i kept imagining her high pitched voice in some cartoon character..lolzz..cracked me up..scream lar..more funny XDDD..bleh~

took a photo of my table when i was working and suddenly spaced out..

lame rite? rofl...

and then....

took a photo on the longggggg driiiiveee homeeeee>< lolz

see so heavy rain :(((

have i mentioned that i truly, madly and deeply in love with my phone? i have? well lets hear it again.. I LOVE MY PHONE <333 =x=x

and lastly took a personality test earlier..actually someone sent me a simpson's personality test and my result? i am an advocator -.-" and took another and got this...

Click to view my Personality Profile page
interested? lolz... check out this site

lolz..oh well.. the best way to define me is..a dreamer,soft hearted idiot who loves the ppl ard her^^..not forgetting to mention im an advisor..WOW!
Slurp...lmao..yaya tat i am :P.. watevaaaaaa....

tired le...i go rest le b4 get sick again o..<3333 muackkssss^^

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